educational, supportive, collaborative

Weight Management

You can do this!

  • “Why can’t I lose weight?!”
  • “No matter what I do, nothing works!”
  • “I lost 15 pounds dieting, but why can’t I keep it off?!”

These are the complaints we hear so often from patients who are frustrated, confused, and losing hope. They have tried everything they know to try, they have searched the internet, they have asked their doctors, and they have spent hard-earned money on fads, pills, and shakes—but to no avail. 

There is no EASY solution

From a medical standpoint it would be impossible for the same solution to work for everyone, but THERE IS HOPE.

Many people struggle with obesity and even more are overweight. Did you know that obesity is considered a disease? This does not have to be your lot in life! Dr. Jenny and her team, help patients overcome their weight challenges including excessive weight gain and obesity to improve their bodies, their self-image, and their long-term health. Now is the time to take action even if you don’t currently have any weight-related illnesses. You can do this!

OUR APPROACH is unique to each patient as we focus on improving overall health, increasing energy, reducing inflammation and developing a better quality of life. Simply put – we don’t have a one size fits all approach.

The answer to the questions at the top of the page really boils down to three words: science, education, and lifestyle.


Dr. Jenny has developed a medically proven program focused on the science of what causes the human body to want to store surplus fuel or energy in a tank that is already full. This is the part of metabolism where the body starts making fat deposits.


Dr. Jenny is a firm believer in teaching patients the fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism so they can begin to see WHY some foods—like excess carbohydrates—are bad, and why some eating strategies help with sustainable weight management and others don’t. Here, you’ll find a program that is educational, supportive, collaborative, and, ultimately, PREVENTIVE.


Our approach is holistic, encompassing a spectrum of physical, psychological, and social elements of wellness. We want to help you reset your lifestyle for more energy, less disease, less inflammation and a higher quality of life—fortunately, that package often comes with weight loss and sustainable weight management!