Direct Primary Care

With Direct Primary Care (DPC), commonly called Concierge Medicine, patients pay a monthly fee for membership (outlined below) and are able to opt out at any time, with a 30-day written notice. I personally never want patients to feel obligated to continue if they are not satisfied with their care. DPC models classically do not contract with government-based or commercial insurers, yet strongly encourage patients to have insurance to cover costs beyond DPC office visits.
We believe that the DPC model, which allows for improved accessibility, more comprehensive visits, and improved communication between the patient and provider improves patient care and decreases stress and anxiety commonly experienced with our traditional healthcare system.
So much of what we want to do and achieve in 5-10-20+ years depends on what we do today, but all too often we are too wrapped in ‘today’ to even think about tomorrow.
We are here to help you organize and prioritize your health, today and for the years to come.
Patients should maintain some type of health insurance policy to cover lab tests, medical imaging, prescription medications, specialty referrals, emergency room and hospital care.
So, just what is Direct Primary Care (DPC) and how is it different than a traditional model of care?
As a DPC member, you will benefit from personalized attention and comprehensive care tailored to your specific health needs. We take the time to understand your medical history, health risks, and day to day lifestyle, so that we can craft a personalized healthcare plan that fosters your overall well-being.
Say goodbye to long waiting times! As a DPC member, you gain priority access to our services, ensuring same/next-day appointments, and minimal to no waiting time during your visits.
Our concierge patients enjoy extended consultation times, enabling in-depth discussions with our expert medical team. This allows us to address all of your concerns thoroughly and provide a comprehensive health assessment and treatment plan.
We passionately believe in the power of preventative medicine. By subscribing to our DPC program, you are investing in your future well-being with proactive health screenings, personalized lifestyle recommendations, and early detection of potential health issues.
If specialized care is required, we have a vast network of trusted specialists to whom we can directly refer, ensuring continuity and coordination of your medical care.
DPC is a rapidly growing model of care that is gaining in popularity and supported by several leading medical authorities. Learn more here:
DPC practices do NOT contract with any insurances, government or commercial, and are based on a monthly membership model for overall greater access to care.
As a member of my exclusive DPC program, you will be able to call/text anytime with questions or concerns related to your health. We utilize a HIPAA compliant (secure) app called Spruce Health for communications. Patients will have the ability to securely communicate with our team, upload forms, pictures, and videos 24 hrs/day. This platform utilizes familiar features like texting and voice calls, while protecting your personal information. Although we provide a number you can call at any time, we encourage patients to utilize the Spruce Health app for any non-urgent issues. Of course, if you prefer, you can always email Dr. Jenny at
As is true with any provider/clinic, we want to stress the importance of calling 911 if you are experiencing what you believe to be a life-threatening emergency and need immediate care. Please do not hesitate to do this [whether out of pride or because you are worried about ‘what if it’s nothing’] …if you are that concerned…please err on the side of caution.
Annual Physical/Preventative Health Visit—We ask that you schedule these 2-3 weeks in advance as they require about 90 minutes to complete. We will typically order your labs in advance, so we have those results to review on the day of your visit. You also have the opportunity to have a DEXA body composition scan (and Bone Density Exam if indicated) and EKG annually as part of our program.
These can typically be scheduled for the same or next day and can be in the office, telehealth, or even at your home or office when necessary. For now, simply call or text me with some basic details about what is going on and we will make a shared decision on the best course of action.
We are not currently providing in-clinic immunizations but depending on what you (my patients) want, this is ABSOLUTELY something we may do in the future. Most local pharmacies offer immunizations and bill your insurance. (It is quite costly to stock these in physicians’ offices and many are opting to direct patients to local pharmacies.) I’m more than happy to provide guidance on the current guidelines and recommendations.

These are typically run through your commercial insurance. That being said…let’s say it is early in the year and you are having a comprehensive physical and need a full panel of labs but have not met your deductible and money is tight…it might make more sense to run these labs through our “client pricing” discount program which is a fraction of the cost, and you pay would still apply to your deductible.

To put this into better perspective, if I order a comprehensive panel of labs for a patient who is 35 or older, that panel may cost $1200-1500; However, with our negotiated special pricing with leading labs in the area, the price would be $200-300.

Why more docs don’t do this? I have no idea.

Patients typically utilize their commercial insurance for these. That being said, we are actively collaborating with the major radiology centers in San Antonio to negotiate discounted rates for commonly ordered imaging studies for patients without insurance or for those who have a high deductible.
Obtaining routine medication refills can be done by a variety of methods; however, THE EASIEST and MOST EFFICIENT way to request a refill is through your pharmacy, who then sends us an automated refill request. There will also be an option to request your refill through our phone system, and these will be completed within 24 hours.
I take patient referrals quite seriously, and for that reason, I’ve developed a robust network of colleagues who are leaders in their fields. We are often able to streamline the referral process, enabling patients to get in sooner for their initial and/or follow-up appointments.

Nowadays, insurance companies require all sorts of hoops that patients and doctors must jump through in order to get the patient approved for a particular referral, procedure, diagnostic testing, or medication.

Our team understands this cumbersome process and is ready and willing to rise to the occasion. That being said, insurance companies can be absolutely ridiculous! If the process ends up being particularly challenging, requiring efforts above and beyond the completion of forms (such as personalized appeal letters or peer to peer meetings with the insurer), we may assess an additional fee for this time.

We have partnered with a platform called HINT to manage membership plans and payments. Once enrolled, everything is automated to make your life easier.
If you are new to Dr. Jenny, you will receive a welcome email with a link to our electronic health record system’s (Advanced MD) patient portal where you will need to complete some initial new patient consent and intake forms.
Please complete the consent forms, as well as the comprehensive health history intake form at your earliest convenience so that we have that information on file should something come up which requires a sick visit or call prior to having your first History and Physical exam in the office.
This is only necessary if you are NOT already seeing Dr. Jenny for medical weight loss management.
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Dr. Jenny believes in being a true advocate for her patients and strives to treat everyone just as she would her own family.
If you are interested in getting started with our Direct Primary Care Program, please fill out our general information form and we’ll reach out to you!