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I believe the true foundation of my success is the whole-person care Dr. Jenny provides.

I began my journey with Dr. Seger in August of 2020 at age 52, after years of failing to lose weight on my own.  An infinite number of diets, gym memberships and supplements were all useless in providing long-term weight-loss success. Both the pounds and guilt continued to add up over the years. I felt guilty that I couldn’t control my appetite or weight, which prevented me from doing things my family valued. At 275 pounds, I couldn’t fit into plane seats or rides at the amusement park, take hikes, play sports or easily travel with my active family.  The day came when I could truly sense my family’s disappointment. No one said anything, but they skipped an activity to accommodate their plus-sized mom. It felt horrible, I saw they were as miserable as me. Something in me clicked that day and I found true motivation to change. I finally realized that “nothing changes if nothing changes”. I knew I needed professional help.

Beginning another weight-loss journey was daunting because I wondered how long it would take to fail – again. I really wanted success but I was nervous and skeptical. Enter Dr. Jenny and BMI of Texas. 

Right from the beginning I could tell the BMI of Tx process would be different and better.  One of the first things Dr. Jenny told me is that my obesity wasn’t my fault. Wait…what? I’m the one over-eating and not exercising – of course it’s my fault!  She explained how the treatment of obesity has been grossly misunderstood and mismanaged by most doctors, and misinformation by food, supplement and fitness companies, and social pressures and stigmas of fat-shaming make it nearly impossible to know the real science of properly and successfully treating obesity. Hearing this was such a release of stress and guilt – it brought me to tears. She also explained that success would require lots of effort and persistence. Since she’s the board-certified expert, I said “Lets Go”!

What I liked best about beginning non-surgical, medical weight loss was starting with a thorough assessment and education. Dr. Jenny reviewed my labs, EKG and DEXA scan, provided lots of teaching, counseling and challenges, and helped me set obtainable goals. I learned my hormone levels were all too low, I was vitamin deficient, I was not managing my stress or sleep well, my diet needed to change and I had to get off the couch. I liked my DEXA scan the BEST because I could literally see the skinny me inside my fat body. Dr. Jenny started me on a specific diet that I tracked every day, prescribed new medications, referred me to appropriate specialists and followed-up with me often. Over time (with successes and set-backs) I learned what foods to eat without tracking, what meds needed adjustment, how to manage my stress and sleep, and move my body. I mostly just walked in my neighborhood, parked further away and took the stairs. My next goal is weight training at home (light lifting to hit all muscle groups).

I lost about 4-5 pounds a month – slow and steady. It’s been nearly 3 years and I now weigh about 145 pounds after losing over 50% of my starting body weight. I’m literally half the person I used to be and am currently in ’sustainment mode’. I believe the true foundation of my success is the whole-person care Dr. Jenny provides, my own desire to change, the release of years of guilt, and the meds that help me maintain control.

I feel GREAT in so many ways! I LOVE that I now have control over food, I can do anything with my family, the pain in my feet, knees, and hips has improved, I sleep well and don’t snore, and I shop for size M or S clothes. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved in losing/sustaining my weight, and learning the real science of weight management. Above all, I’m grateful to Dr. Jenny and the BMI of Texas team for making it all possible – I couldn’t have done it without her and I’m sincerely thankful!

More Success Stories

Her patience, guidance, availability, and willingness to go the extra mile really helped me reach a better version of myself.

My dad would be so proud and I am forever grateful to Dr. Jenny and Kristen. Thank you!

I would have never thought it would be possible to lose 88 lbs without surgery!