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Dr. Jenny Seger


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About Dr. Jenny

After practicing family medicine and medical weight management at Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas for more than 12 years, Dr. Jenny has now opened her own practice with a vision of bringing what she has learned about medically prescribed nutrition and lifestyle plans to new patients. During her time at BMI of Texas, Dr. Jenny led the Comprehensive Weight Management Program and is one of the few physicians to be a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
Her practice uses comprehensive, evidence-based medical care to provide both healthy weight management and loss, in addition to overall wellness optimization for patients of all shapes and ages.
The new practice will take an expansive view of the relationship between weight management and primary care. In her practice, the number on the scale is less important than the quality of life patients are able to enjoy going forward—often including disease remission—and even patients who are not overweight reap long-term health benefits from a new understanding of how their bodies turn excess calories into unhealthy tissue.
Some services recommended by Dr. Jenny may be provided through Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas, including body composition analysis and referrals for surgical consultation and intervention.